Our Vehicles

Our Vehicle Specifications

We believe in value for money. Every guest would like to have the most reliable and comfortable vehicles on safari

  •  In response to the clients’ needs, we have a very strict vehicle replacement policy that ensures a young fleet at all times
  • Our safari vehicles are specifically converted for maximum space and comfort
  • All of them have hatched roofs and sliding windows to facilitate good viewing and convenient photography during game-drives and sightseeing.
  • Having the commitment to offer very unique safaris, we have a fleet of well-maintained safari vehicles
  • Although we try to get your feet on solid African soil whenever we can, using vehicles for game drives to get close to wild animals in safety is just as essential – so we have tried to design our vehicles to make sure you get the best experience

Types of Safari Vehicles

No matter where you travel in East Africa, your transportation will be of key importance. Depending on where you will be going on safari, the vehicles will range from 2WD minivans, to open-sided 4WD’s to close-sided 4WD’s with photographic hatches and small aircraft.


The best way to begin your safari is to skip long vehicle transfers and instead take a short flight into the middle of the action – right away! On your very first day on safari, we will fly you into the majestic Serengeti to witness this famous park’s teeming wildlife firsthand.

Flying from one wildlife area to another is a fantastic way to travel. Not only do you avoid long drives but you get sight-seeing opportunities over areas, such as the Serengeti Plains or down the East Africa Great Rift Valley. Flights are typically done in small planes, from 4-30 seats.  Flying in Africa between camps to Camp is very easy. Airstrips are close to the camps, with easy access. When you fly from camp to camp, you will have a new specialist guide who will host you during your stay. The advantage of this is you will have a guide that knows the wildlife movement intimately in his designated area.



Unlimited Game Drives

Each safari offers unlimited game drives with no mileage restrictions and exclusive access to the most secluded and wildlife abundant areas in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Most other companies operate shorter, limited game drives and never end up making it far from the lodge – or the tented C amps.  Many companies shuffle their clients only through the most heavily trafficked areas on the normal “safari circuit” – but we will take you deep into the isolated wilderness where these packaged tour companies don’t go.

Our Vehicle Design

Here are a few design ‘tweaks’ we have made to make the vehicles safari ready.

Extended and wider

We extended and widened the body of the vehicles to allow more space to move around and to get the best photographic angles without ‘bumping’ into each other. Although our vehicles are designed to carry 7 passengers, we will only put six guests together in one vehicle if this is requested in order to save on costs. Normally, we will only carry four guests per extended vehicle.

Larger windows

We made all the windows in the vehicle as large as will possibly fit. And if we could, we would make the entire body out of glass…We are still working on that design, watch this space for more!

Open roof 4WD

The roof can be removed for those who like that style so that you can stand-up and have a better vantage for viewing. We use roof hatches that can be removed completely. This way you have a much better all-round view as well as a view of the sky.

Open Side 4WD

Open-sided 4WD’s are used on our customized fly-in lodge and tented camp safaris.  Most open-sided 4WD’s will have a sun canopy on the top. They offer great visibility and provide unobstructed photography opportunities in all directions.

Equipment and Facilities

We have equipped all our vehicles to ensure you get the best experience while out there in the bush.

Power Converters

All our vehicles have 110v and 220v power adaptors to make it possible to charge camera batteries.

Fridge / Cooler Box.

All our vehicles have a small fridge where water and drinks can be kept cold.

Coffee box

Every safari departs with a coffee box, carrying snacks, coffee and tea that can be enjoyed at any time on the game drive.

First-aid box

Every safari vehicle has a first-aid box and the guide is trained to use it too.

Wildlife Books and Maps

Every safari vehicle is outfitted with a set of mammal and bird books and maps of the area. Our guides are selected with long-time working experience.
Depending on the size of your group, you will be given an appropriately sized vehicle.

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